What’s in an image?

Wondering what to call the new Istros’ logo?

Is it a fish?………… Is it a horse………..?

Well, its actually a hippocampusImage, or in other words, a mythical water creature hailing from ancient Greek mythology. As you might already know, Istros is the old Greek/Thracian name for the lower Danube. Choosing the image of a river which flows carelessly across the borders of S E Europe, we hoped to embody that spirit of freedom though the exchange of literature and the free-flow of ideas.

When looking for a new logo, we decided that we needed a river god for our Istros – a symbol which was both simple and proud, and which would be easily recognizable to those who want to follow and collect our unique publications.

Interestingly, the Hippocampus is also a part of the human brain which deals with the consolidation of information in memory. According to Wikipedia:

”Psychologists and neuroscientists generally agree that the hippocampus has an important role in the formation of new memories about experienced events (episodic or autobiographical memory)”

Perhaps this is not coincidental, as Istros Books’ main aim is to bring new literature and previously neglected authors to the English-speaking audience, thereby providing them with new experiences and new memories.

So remember look out for the Hippocampus when you are next in your local bookstore. It’s slightly more obscure than the penguin, but hopefully just as loveable:)


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