Only Seven Terrors?

Out of the unsettling nightmare of post-war Bosnia, local author, Selvedin Avdic chooses only 7 Terrors on which to end his work of gothic genius. Choosing to sublimate the actualities of mass burials and war crime confessions, Avdic has woven instead a story of paranormal activity and returning spirits,as his hapless protagonist tries desperately to bring love and meaning into his life.

While the hollow voices of Karadzic and Mladic ring out in self-justification at the Hague tribunals, here is a voice which does not hide behind ideology and rhetoric; a voice which speaks with human horror about the events of the last European war.

Here are the first 3 of those 7 Terrors. Add your own on the seven blank pages left at the back of the novel (feel free to add more than seven….)

1. Fear of mirrors

When the world is finally silenced, in the cleft stick between night and morning, while darkness slowly mixes with the light, I am afraid to go up to a mirror. I am not sure what I might then see in it. Now, when I think about it, I think I am most afraid of the possibility that I remain completely the same in my reflection, while the things around me become different.

2. Fear of lonely houses

I am afraid that houses in isolation have succeeded in building their own world, which violates all boundaries and rules.

3. Fear of shameful Death-Image

I am not sure if I can properly explain this fear, because the boundaries of shame are written differently for each person. But, let’s say, it would indeed be shameful if a big fish ate me and took me to the furthest bay to digest me in peace. Or if I died of explosive diarrhoea at a theatre premiere.

Of course, it would also be terrible to die alone. If my neighbours noticed my disappearance only when worms from my body began to invade their apartments


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    This sounds great…

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