You are on air!

REVIEW (W)I must admit, I was feeling pretty nervous as I entered Midori House, just off Baker Street, at 11:45 on Saturday – ready for my interview on Monocle24 radio. The other guest speaker – the charming Nick Luscombe – is an already experienced radio presenter and instead of being able to empathise, exuded an enviable calm. He very kindly assured me that my nervousness didn’t show at all, but there was no time to be further assured because the clock struck 12 and I was whisked into the studio, where they promptly tested my mike by asking me what I had for breakfast and from then on it was all LIVE!

Now there is nothing I like more than explaining all that I love about the region and the books and the writers I publish, but I had 10 minutes and a pile of post-its and notes and I tried my best to squeeze it all in…..Balkan region… and interesting history….vibrant cultures and interethnic mixes….exciting but much-neglected literary scene…authors who write from passion and not from their pockets….

Well, you can read more on the website…And if you want to hear more, then you can tune into The Review on-line anytime (I still haven’t listened to it… to afraid I will hear only those things I meant to say and didn’t manage to…)



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2 responses to “You are on air!

  1. Emanuela

    Great interview! I listened to it and enjoyed every minute: well done and good luck for “Nine Rabbits”!

  2. Christopher Oxford

    Excellent performance, Susan. You sold your list very well in the time allotted, and didn’t sound at all under pressure. Thanks, too, for the introduction to a new arts outlet: I’d never previously heard of Monocle.

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