‘And we thought the word was dead’ – How words can still excite, disturb and make a difference: the case of Andrej Nikolaidis

In his article ‘Yugoslavia Burns Again‘, Elvis Bego tackles the recent scandal around Andrej Nikolaidis‘ writings about the 20th anniversary of a declaration of proclamation of the Republic of the Serbian People of Bosnia and Herzegovina (aka ‘Republika Srpska’)

”Here’s a storm that literally came out of a single sentence. In columns, blogs, interviews and on TV shows, certain words by the Montenegrin writer Andrej Nikolaidis were being fervently discussed, mostly out of context, all the while there have been calls for his head and his bread. Others were promptly defamed and lost important jobs for giving the writer moral support.

And we thought the word was dead. Manuscripts do burn in the Balkans, if at least with the passion of political division. Shitstorm in a writing desk drawer. Not so catchy, but all the famous players were there: Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia. What did Nikolaidis say?”

…….to find out…you will have to read the article………..


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