Appalling and tragic, Ognjen Spahic’s exceptional short novel

Istros Books title ‘Hansen’s Children’ receives rave review in the prestigious review blog, Bookoxygen, a site which describes itself as a place to celebrate writing and writers, in particular novels and novelists.

Elsbeth Lindner perfectly captures the mood and themes of this amazing novel in her insightful write-up, praising Spahic for tackling such a difficult subject as leprosy in the former communist state of Romania, while still managing to find room for beauty and humour:

”Yet, amazingly, there is lyricism too in minor aspects of this godforsaken landscape – birdsong, plants, the caress of the breeze on ruined flesh…….’Spahic, born in Montenegro, brings authority and humanity as well as freshness of perspective to his riveting subject matter, and his book has already been recognized with the award of both the Mesa Selimovic and Ovid Prizes. New independent publisher Istros is to be thanked for introducing such compelling work. Spahic’s graphic fable deserves to be widely read.”


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Filed under Contemporary European literature

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