A literary awakening in Montenegro

Montenegrins have always fancied themselves as writers and artists. Historically saysKenneth Morrison, an academic and Britain’s leading Montenegro-watcher, the country’s men saw themselves “not just as warriors but as poets with a soulful side. Being a poet was a natural part of being a Montenegrin male, alongside fighting the Turks, and not at all effeminate.”

Six years after independence the country is seeing what Mr Morrison calls “a new wave” of Montenegrin writers. Only a handful have really come to the fore internationally. But as the country is so small, he says, this is the “equivalent of 30 or 50 in the UK. It is very significant. There is something going on.” 

The three most prominent young Montenegrin writers are Balsa BrkovicAndrej Nikolaidis and Ognjen Spahic. Last week Mr Nikolaidis and Mr Spahic were in London to talk on various literary panels.,,,

Read more about it in The Economist !!!


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