‘Our Man in Iraq’

Robert Perisic has excelled at translating his view of society into words. Here at Istros, we are pleased to translate his words into English and make them available for a wider audience, as his books reflect authenticity, simplicity, and they are a nice good read. Our Man in Iraq, his first novel, was very much praised by Croatian audiences, quickly becoming the bestselling Croatian novel of 2008 and receiving Croatia’s most important literary award from the daily newspaper.
Our Man in Iraq tells a story about a local journalist who sends a distant relative to report on the war in Iraq while he stays at home to sort out his love life and his professional career – all to varying degrees of success. However, as time goes on, things begin to unravel, and he ends up having to fake his missing cousin’s reports while struggling to hold on to his actress girlfriend. The novel is a take on the Iraqi conflict from the other side of Europe, where politics and nepotism collide and the confusing after-effects of the recent Yugoslav wars mix with the joys and trials of modern life. Perisic manages to incorporate some political views and opinions through this novel, but it is a very simple way: through the writings of ‘that man’.
Slavenka Drakulić has said of the author: “‘Robert Perišić is considered one of the best writers of his generation. In fact, he is one of those rare things – a writer loved by both the critics and the readers….His writing is characterized by an urban sensitivity towards the contemporary problems of his generation: unemployment, insecurity, the feeling of loss… His characters are often confused, dark, cynical but also funny and naïve. Although they are immersed in the local atmosphere, they share their music, literature and existential problems with the world.’’
If you’re looking for a new interesting book to read that will whisk you across the boundaries of space and into the mind of a man who witnessed a war most of us have only encountered through the news, we are delighted to keep you posted on its launch date in June. As a little treat, special copies of Our Man in Iraq will be available during the 2012 London Book Fair 2012 (16th – 18th April) as well as other events organized by Istros throughout the month. Click here for reference.


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