Angelina, Andrej and the Land of Blood and Money

Srecko Horvat, Croatian author, philosopher and translator, has a great many pertinent and important things to say in his article about Angelina Jolie’s new film ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ and Andrej Nikolaidis’ journalistic articles over the years. Even if you decide not to take the time to read this article in full (which would be a mistake), you should at least take on board the main premise:
”That’s the biggest problem of The Land of Blood and Honey: the only cause it can find for the conflict is ethnic hatred (and sexual lust)…..When one Bosnian film critic said, “Angelina Jolie’s film is the best thing to happen to Bosnia and Herzegovina since the Dayton Agreement”, one should reply by saying the opposite: what is finally needed for all ex-Yugoslavian countries is a land not of blood and honey but a Land of Blood and Money: a film that would show how the atrocities were carried out not in the name of the Nation or Ethnic Belonging, but – as always – in the name of Money.”


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