‘The Coming’ is coming…

The countdown begins to welcoming our new Istros-Family member: ‘The Coming’.
This book is no ordinary read, its unusual and unique. Here at Istros we are delighted to introduce you to the new novel by the remarkable contemporary author Andrej Nokolaidis – the award winner of the European Prize for Literature in 2011.
This book has a lot of political significance and content through the underlying messages of the story. We quote Slavoj Žižek saying:

‘’THE COMING is an explosive mixture on three levels: a hard-boiled investigation, the story of an impending global catastrophe, and the description of daily life in a small Balkan city. Imagine Dashiell Hammett meeting Umberto Eco, and both of them meeting Orhan Pamuk! If there is justice in the world, Nikolaidis’ novel should become a bestseller bigger than the novels of James Patterson or John Grisham. And since there is no justice in the world, let us hope that a divine caprice will nonetheless make this insanely readable page-turner a mega success.’’

We are excited for the launch of ‘The Coming’ on March 15th this year! If you share our passion and excitement then please take a moment and help us spread the word!


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