Istros Books has landed in Bloomsbury!

Today, Istros Books enters a new stage of its existence. Moving into a brand new office on Red Lion Square, in an area of London long associated with publishing. Champagne not being on hand, tea and croissants were shared by all:)



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3 responses to “Istros Books has landed in Bloomsbury!

  1. Luis del Nero

    Great news, Suzy! I wish you all the very best luck! Luís

  2. Dear Sirs,
    congratulations. Your business – promoting translated literature from South East Europe to the UK market attracted my attention since I wrote 21 business and self-help books and I am interested in promoting and selling my books to the UK market.
    I will be glad to give you more information about my work and potential of our business co-operation.
    Best regards.
    Prof. Saša Petar, Ph.D.
    Facebook: Saša Petar Education Club.

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